TCSHRM Questions

There has been a lot of discussion about employee mental health this past year. Many companies look to HR to lead the support efforts in this area. What advice would you give to HR teams to help them navigate this (as we are not mental health professionals)?

What is HR not talking about right now that we really should be? What's the biggest win you have seen in the HR profession over the past year?

With the increase in long-term remote working, how do you anticipate HR will be impacted with the widely varied employment laws as employees start living and working where they want - and not always in the same place?

With the shift to remote working for so many and indications that it is here to stay for many; what advice would you give HR professionals to prepare themselves and their companies for this new reality?

How does one measure empathy and set benchmarks?

Can fostering an empathetic workplace be a part of an organization's risk management strategies? Can it keep them out of lawsuits?

How does empathy feed into an organization's DEI goals?

Is it possible to screen for empathy when sourcing candidates, especially managers?

I'm sure we have all experienced workplaces where empathy was not a part of the culture. What does this look like?