TCSHRM Marissa Questions

What wellness platform does Chipotle use?

Can you share how Chipotle's new benefits and incentives have impacted employee turnover and engagement? Can you share an employee success story?

Supporting employees so that they can pursue their passion is so important. How do we support employees if we know their passion lies beyond our organization?

How customers treat food industry (and service employees in general) seems to be declining. How is Chipotle helping their staff navigate this challenge?

What investments has Chipotle made toward employee wellness this year?

How can we apply the concepts that you have shared at our own companies? Are there any first steps that we can execute as HR professionals?

Why did you choose HR in the first place?

How is Chipotle being impacted by the labor crisis that is going on right now? What ripple effect is the labor crisis having within your organization and what are you doing to mitigate it?

How can we help executive and senior leaders understand the scope of talent, and furthermore, that talent isn't an afterthought or a mean to an end, or a cog in the machine?