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TCSHRM Questions

You mentioned how we need paid parental leave to better support parents - do you have thoughts, or did you hear input in your research on how can we the HR community advocate for this with our government?

What are your kids doing now? Do you think they were influenced in their career by your focus on being a Power Mom?

What is your point of view about working part time (16-32 hours)? You see women thrive as entrepreneurs, but a part time employment seems to be less valued than a full time worker, as if you can only work on your career as a full timer.

What can non-parents do better to support parents in the workplace? What can leaders who don't have their own kids do to support parents while still being fair and equitable?

What is the difference between work-life balance, work-life blend, and what you call work-life sway? Is that part of "mom time"? What else?

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