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HVAD™ Pump Weld Issue Overview

Wednesday, August 24, 2022
8:00-9:00 AM CT

if you find more pumps will there be any updates provided to the centers? Would that have to be an FCA to get an update?

Is it possible to get data / information from the log files suggesting that device malfunction is related to the weld issue vs "normal pump thrombosis"?

Is there any thoughts on getting a hvad patient higher on the transplant list without actively having this issue.

What do you advice in stable patients: HU (UNOS 1a) or exchange?

Hemolysis and free hemoglobin seems to be lower in the corrosion issue in comparison to thrombus issues

what do you think about the role of sound analysis to differentiate between thrombus or corrosion issue?

Is the "grinding" sound audible w/o stethoscope?

Are the cracks in the weld starting from the normal vibration of the pump being used or is it in there from the time of manufacturing?

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