Monday, January 31, 2022
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.,  CT

Another great all employee meeting - thank you!

Understanding DQ is a private company under the BRA umbrella, is there any discussion around ESPP for DQ employees for BRA stock.

regarding remaining relevant in the marketplace, are we opening up remote options for CURRENT employees where the business allows? (in addition to new hires)

I heard Berkshire Hathaway has a training incentive program or competition for 2022. Not sure the exact wording for this program. Is there any additional information on this since we're a month into 2022?

Harbaugh to Minnesota

Concern in International since we are DQ treats only and will expect a deacceleration due to the inflation, what does treat locations expect in USA or Canada?

Will we see merit raises try to keep pace with inflation?

In addition to financial incentives, how do we plan to remain competitive in terms of PTO, family leave, etc.?

Thank you for confirming that vaccinated and unvaccinated field employees should still be wearing masks during restaurant visits. That is a great decision.

What are we measuring against for financial goal of increasing likelihood to repurchase burgers by 1.8% points?

It was great to see DQ enhance the employee bonus plans in 2021 to recognize employees for their contributions to DQ success. What are the goals in 2022 to continue to retain talent and stay competitive in the market place to attract new talent.

David answered the question about vaccinated employees not being required to wear masks at the ADQ Home Office. Are vaccinated ADQ field team members currently required to wear masks while working in the field at Dairy Queen restaurants?

For clarity on the ITP requirements - are we requiring the DocuSign agreements to be signed for the bucket of 700 stores, locking them in for installation in 2023? Or just to sign preliminary documents?

The Franchisee's that I work with that have PAR BRINK have never visited the Punch reports to drill into the KPI's;
Number of unique users per month, average number of visits per month, check average per month.
To coach and engage the Franchisee to set a goal for their location to grow mobile users each month it would be very helpful if we had access to these KPI's. Will we soon have access to this data for our ITP locations?

Will we continue to expand our recruitment efforts to include fully remote candidates as part of the hybrid work policy?

Are masks also required in Dairy Queen Restaurants?

Do you anticipate current inflationary pressure to affect our "Meal Deal" pricing??

is all activity between DQ system and ITP all manual?

The updated Covid policy is not opening when I click the hyperlink on DQ4U. Is the current policy for field staff working in Dairy Queen Restaurants similar to the policy at the home office, in terms of vaccinated ADQ employees not being required to wear masks?

Could you update on the Canadian office. With Ontario reopening this week assume we can go back to a rotation at the office and masks required.

For those who did not attend could you clarify destination of next Connect gathering? Thx

Any insights on the slow sales start to 2022?

Will Field Staff have different/additional Covid requirements when visiting the Corporate Office?

Understanding in Quebec the official language is French which creates some challenges for our ITP platform. Do we have a time line for ITP in Quebec? With the Province having a population of 8 million people and a great opportunity for future development, It would be fantastic to have a mobile app and all the great technology available for Quebec.

Could we learn a bit more on what the less sweet platform product line is for international?

Even though it is no longer required, is masking no longer recommended in the FSC for those who are vaccinated?

Do franchisees have the ability to update the mobile app for their location if they are out of a certain product/ingredient?

Will we have the opportunity to add preferred pronouns to our email signature blocks? This is a highly personal and important issue for several employees and fits into our corporate goal of improving inclusiveness.


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